General Information

Inspiration comes from everywhere. Art history, contemporary art, everyday life, my family, film, literature, fashion and dance. I see myself as a filter of life, sucking in everything around me and pushing out a new shape. A shape with a narrative.
I was born there and I learned here, I experienced this and I want to do that. That’s just who I am. We tell stories every minute of our life to make sense of the world and of ourselves. We tell stories of our past, present and future to shape our identities and change these as we age accordingly. Stories are at the center of every human being from birth till death. 
The process of building a sculpture explores the narrative of identity; a plot, an essence of story. A body, a position, material, the slow process of defining form. Every step is a question: How can this story be told? 

Sleeping Beauty Project shows perspectives on the classic fairy tale and examines aspects of sleep. I worked with this project for two years, watching my responses and questions, comparisons and rejections. The initial interest was based in gender role stereotypes. The recipes for accepted male and female behavior are all over popular culture and fairy tales seem to reflect their skeleton structure. I wanted to look closer at my ambiguous attitude towards stories with clearly defined classic gender roles.
Sleep was another aspect I found intriguing. A few pieces were looking into narratives about awareness; frozen in a state of the unconscious or the floating of a dreaming mind.