Summer Sculpture Workshop 2022

Portrait Bust

27.6.2022 - 1.07.2022, 9:00 - 16:00, max 12 students

We are sculpting a human bust in a hollow built technique in max ¾ life sized. We will work with photographs to achievea realistic shape and focus on the surface sculpt for enhanced expression.

The first day will be spent with scale drawings and concept development, as well as starting the base. Three days are reserved for the building of the main body and on the last day we focus on the surface.  We can discuss surface treatment such as glazes and paints, but they are not part of this workshop.

The workshop fee is 4000 kr.. The fee will be due 6 weeks prior to the first day of class on 16.05.2022. The sculpture can remain in the facilities to dry and can be bisque fired for an additional fee of 100 kr.. A white clay will be available on site and will cost 150 kr per 10 kilo. It is not possible to bring your own clay. The most relevant tools are available and I will send a list with recommendations prior to the course.

Participants are required to bring a series of photographs of one individual of their choice which we will use as a reference. It is necessary to have printed frontal, profile, three quarter, above and below images of the subject.

The general workshop language will be in English. I can translate and support in German and Danish.

For registration and questions, please contact me at